It’s Christmas at The Perpetual Picturehouse!

Welcome to my blog! It’s currently a work in progress but I will have a long old end of the year film list up, plus cult film recommendations within the next couple of weeks and some more musings will follow. Excited? Nah, didn’t think so.

Who the flip am I then? Well, my name is Emma Simmonds and I’m a London-based film journalist whose work has appeared in Time Out, Little White Lies, The Arts Desk, The Spectator, blah blah blah, and I’ll be posting my witterings here too.

For now, please enjoy the pic of Kim Novak avec a kitty to your left (from Bell Book and Candle – a thoroughly Christmassy film), as well as my header image featuring the ferociously awesome Constance Towers.

And here are some links to my recent articles to tide you over:

Reviews for The Arts Desk

Cult Film Club pieces (and reviews/interviews etc) for Little White Lies

Also, if you’re wondering what to watch this Christmas please let me guide you.

And finally, here are trailers for three fantastic films which rocked this year’s London Film Festival. They are out in the new year (or in the case of The Artist very nearly the new year) and I will personally vouch for the quality of them all.

The Artist (released 30th December)

Shame (released 13th January)

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (released 16th March)


About emmasimmonds

Emma is a film and TV critic whose work has appeared in Time Out, Little White Lies, The Spectator and Popmatters, amongst many others. She is also a contributor to the London and New York volumes of the World Film Locations book series.
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